Skating Jump Secrets is brought to you by Trevor Laak. Trevor is a member of the Figure Skating Club of Madison in Madison, WI and specializes in on-ice jump technique. He works almost exclusively as a consultant to other skating coaches by providing pole harness, video analysis, and regular lesson services to them and their skaters. He’s also a faculty member of Audrey Weisiger’s Grassroots to Champions Seminar Series. He has also been a presenter at the Professional Skaters Association World Conference as well as other local and regional PSA events.

If the information on this website interests you, please be sure to check out Trevor’s coaching blog where he shares some of his ideas about coaching as well as more of his research findings. His own research focuses on quantifying minimum athletic requirements for figure skaters. Laak has a graduate research degree from the prestigious University of Wisconsin in Madison. He holds 6 patents and he has provided technical consulting for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. Michelle Dumler

    Hi Trevor

    As the newly appointed Skating Director at the Pond Ice Arena in Newark, DE, it has become my goal to properly educate up and coming coaches. Many are competitors, or former competitors. I am repeatedly surprised when asking them questions regarding skating and jumps, as they seem to know how to physically do the element, but not how the element works. I was wondering if you do any seminars, or would consider doing a seminar in Newark.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    ~Michelle Dumler
    Skating Director
    The Pond Ice Arena & Performance Center

  2. Hok

    Dear Trevor,

    First I have to said thanks again for all the information brings to us by this web site, Once I saw all the video provided by you, I really got a question in mind to ask, Is it possible to take off a double loop jump by a clean edge? As all my knowledge right now, a loop jump is take off by a clean edge, but you still needs to use the toe pick after the clean edge , so, is it possible to a loop jump that is all by a clean edge without using toe pick? Awaiting for your reply, thanks!

  3. Jimmy

    I thank you for sharing this on-line, because not everyone has the financial support to get a coach and go to the ice rink evey day. I have an urgent request for doing flip and lutz jumps, and also for the arm movements to assist jumping.


  4. Ann

    If you aren’t using dartfish what are you using? I run a mac and dartfish is still not compatible yet?

  5. Beverly Shaffner

    I consider the flip jump to be the first full rotation jump. If you look like you are taking off completely forward on a single jump is considered cheated. Multi-rotation jumps happen so fast but single are very plain to see.

  6. marcy

    Dear Trevor
    Now that I have seen your video on the loop jump and
    agree with all of that technique, what about your axel
    and double sal. Please let me know. I am a skating
    coach in Ontario, Canada and have taught for many years and still coaching, I love it!!!!
    Marcy Walker

  7. Jill

    Hi Trevor!

    Great website! It’s always soooo important for us coaches to share information and the longer I teach the more I realize I DON’T know…lol. I had been taught the answers to many of the questions on your survey by some of my fabulous mentors, but I overestimated the rotation on the loop by a little too much to get all the questions right 🙁

    I’m really interested in getting my hands on as much analysis of double axels as possible. I’ve taught several students the jump successfully, and was fortunate enough to receive help from a couple of Olympic level coaches along the way, but even with team coaching with them I keep thinking I’m missing something, some way to teach the jump more quickly and more efficiently.

    So I’m always on a crusade for as much information on technique, motor programming, you name it, with regard to the double axel. I keep thinking there must be some way to fast track the learning process with regard to the time it takes, based on the biomechanical models of young female athletes.

    Thanks so much for doing this for all of us!

    Jill Wismer

  8. Karen May Yuet Chan

    Would you tell me on doing a triple axel jump, what is the main part that generates the force going upward/forward? Should the force generating by the left big toe, if so, is it in a curve pattern i.e. turning the toe towards the left or press all the toes forward. If the calf muscles keeps on being torn, what is likely the reason in doing the triple axel repeatedly. Would you able to give me the chain of force i.e. origin of starting the force and the correct path of generating this force for the triple axel jump! Would you email me with an answer at karenmayyuet@hotmail.com asp. Thanks!

  9. Ximena

    Hey, its great information and helps a lot, i was wondering if also could be possible of getting video information about ice dancing, thanks!!!!

  10. Margaret Nycholat

    How do I get more information on all of the jumps… Double Flip, Double Lutz and Double Axel. I found this most helpful and now it is a job to convince all coaches to check out your website. Thanks so much, Margaret

  11. Olea

    Greetings from Canada. Great website! Will check out skatingcoachquiz as well! Your perspective on double axel would be greatly appreciated!Thank you!


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