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  1. Brigitte

    At the moment, I’m trying to gather information on starting a skating club or school for highschool, college, university and adult skaters who skate in singles, pairs, ice dance, learn to skate and powerskating. It would be nice to have resources to use for these skaters especially us adult skaters who would like to see the science behind the technique so that are mature brains can take in the information. Many of us adults skaters don’t have coaches who talk and explain elements to us on an adult level. Many coaches are stuck talking to us as if we were a 5 or 6 year old learning jumps, spins and footwork. Luckily my coach does talk to me in an adult manner with science to back up his points. I’ve only had my coach since December (only a few times until spring skating school because my ex-club would not allow me to have him coach there. Don’t know why and don’t care why because he’s a great coach.) and he’s had me inprove my over all skating 300 percent. My coach is also behind me starting a new skating club that treats adult skaters like we are worth something.

  2. lana

    Well, I kinda knew this stuff already. I have to teach a lot of the jumps to myself because I can’t afford much coaching right now and from watching videos and doing them myself I figured this stuff out. It would amaze me that it’s being taught wrong. When people ask about the toe picks figure skaters always reply it’s for jumps, so how could it not be for all 6? The only thing I didn’t know was the exact air time. I couldn’t really calculate that. And I also appreciate all the loop help. I think that’s the hardest jump and it’s giving me a lot of trouble. But it’s reassuring to know that I’m doing it right, just needs more practice.

    You should make one about the lutz. I don’t understand how so many skaters can flutz. Once that edge is comfortable, all you do is turn your hips. It’s a different position than the flip and skaters always turn in at the last moment to flutz. I think should the correct body alignment would be so helpful to those still struggling.

    Thanks a lot! These videos are really helpful, and very well made. You make it easy to understand.

  3. Irina

    Thank you for the work you’re doing!
    I’m from Russia and most coaches here say the Russian school of ice-skating is the best one in the world. However, success of Russian skators is provided not only by their hard work and tremendous efforts, but also by rough pushing of coaches, though not always efficient and leading to many serious traumas.
    Being mother of my young lovely daughter, who’s making her first steps in this sport I’m trying to find the easiest and most efficient way of learning elements of figure-skating. Yor work is very helpful for us and I will certainly pass this info to my friends and our coaches. Thank you!

  4. janine

    This video is shocking! I will definatlly try to use these tips and i will tell every skater i know to check out this website! Thanks!

  5. Tina

    Before I saw your presentation at the State Workshop, I would have described a loop jump as: “a single rotation jump that takes off of a backward outside edge and lands on a backward outside edge”.

    That is how I was taught to think about a loop…by experienced coaches.

    However, in watching videos of my double loops, I was astonished that I was doing it correctly, despite being given conflicting info.

    Immediately after the workshop, I went straight to the videos I have made of my skaters, to double check and verify your information. It’s all true! That was totally devastating to me.

    I am appalled that I have been describing jumps incorrectly to skaters for 20 years!

  6. Cassidy

    I just thought I would let you know that my coach told me all three of those techniques a couple days ago to help me land my double loop. They helped me so much it was unreal. I landed the jump thinking I had only landed a single. I did this six times over with the same results. I think it is great that you are teaching skaters the proper fundamentals to a jump because it makes the jump SO much easier!

  7. Sean

    I got 100% of the answers right, being an adult skater with a mathematics degree.

    My coach and I agree that “EVERY jump is a toe jump” (including loops, salchows, and axels) and I’m bringing her around to “You get nailed for cheating the landing, but the takeoffs are cheated like crazy at the top level of sketing.


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